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School schedules and child custody, finding the right arrangement

When children go back to school in the fall, life can get really busy. Those who have child custody arrangements due to divorce or separation may quickly find that what worked over the summer is no longer ideal. Those in Maryland who find themselves in this situation can seek to modify custody orders so that they better serve their family's needs.

Child custody is something that is easy for some to figure out and more difficult for others. Every family is unique, schedules are different and life demands simply make creating the "perfect" schedule nearly impossible. At the end of the day, it doesn't have to be perfect, but it does need to be manageable and not something that puts unnecessary stress on parents and children.

A simple truth is in life is that nothing remains the same. Something like going back to school and all that accompanies that can throw off a custody schedule, making it more of a burden than a help. Parents will need to closely examine their granted parenting time to determine what works best for the combination of work, school and activity schedules. Communication will be key in making arrangements that serve everyone's best interests.

Families in Maryland who feel that their current child custody arrangements are not working for this back-to-school season can choose to negotiate changes for the school year on their own, or utilize the court system in order to achieve the newly desired schedules. In either case, legal assistance is available to help with negotiating and drafting new custody terms. Seeking advice from counsel on this matter can also ensure that nothing is overlooked and that all concerns are addressed before making any permanent changes.

Source: The Huffington Post, "Back to School: 3 Ways To Tell If Your Child Custody Agreement Is The Right Fit", Bari Zell Weinberger, Esq., Sept. 1, 2015

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