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September 2015 Archives

Finding and appraising assets before finalizing a divorce

It may seem like such an obvious thing to do, but in the throws of divorce, one may not think about ensuring all assets have been accounted for or that they have been properly valued. For those in Maryland or elsewhere who are dealing with high-asset divorce cases, this is something that is particularly important. Those in such situations may have assets spread out in numerous places, so finding and appraising everything may seem difficult and time-consuming. However, in the end, it may all seem worthwhile.

Considering finances is a big part of divorce

A divorce covers a lot of ground -- from deciding who gets to keep what, to who will get custody of the children and a million other things. One of the biggest concerns many couples in Maryland and elsewhere may have when getting a divorce, though, is how taking this action will affect their personal finances. The simple truth is that dissolving a marriage can greatly affect one's fiscal standing. Thinking long term, rather than in the moment, can help both parties come to terms that will benefit them both economically.

School schedules and child custody, finding the right arrangement

When children go back to school in the fall, life can get really busy. Those who have child custody arrangements due to divorce or separation may quickly find that what worked over the summer is no longer ideal. Those in Maryland who find themselves in this situation can seek to modify custody orders so that they better serve their family's needs.

Grounds for divorce in Maryland and other requirements

When a person makes the decision to end his or her marriage, it is completely normal for that individual to have numerous questions about the process. One common concern involves whether state requirements have been met in order to complete a filing. All states have specific requirements that must be satisfied in order for couples to seek dissolution of their marriages. In Maryland, there are several, one of which includes citing acceptable grounds for divorce.

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