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August 2015 Archives

Maryland family law: Solving divorce matters requires experience

No matter how much hope for the future a couple starts out with at the beginning of their marriage, life happens and that couple may decide changes are necessary. For some in Maryland and elsewhere, that may result in the dissolution of their marriage. Others, though, may wish to pursue divorce alternatives. As every couple and situation is different, family law experience is important when solving such matters.

Is there a reason not to file for child custody?

It is not uncommon for parents to have a lot of questions regarding child custody arrangements. While many of those generally have to deal with what type child custody plan works best for the entire family, there are some parents in Maryland who may wonder if legally filing for custody is really in their best interests. This is not to say that these parents want nothing to do with their children, but that they would rather not go to court.

Divorce is different for everyone, in Maryland and elsewhere

When ending a marriage, it can be hard not to compare one's situation from the experiences of others. Divorce is different for everyone; there is no better way to put it, really. Couples who are working through a divorce, in Maryland or elsewhere, may benefit from understanding that there is not one specific standard for completing this process. Every family has unique needs that must be addressed as they go through this difficult transition.

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