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Enforcing child support orders can be done in many ways

Every parent knows that, while having a child can be a wonderful thing, providing for that child can get expensive. Child support is meant to help the parent who holds primary custody financially provide for his or her child's needs. What happens, though, if child support is not being paid? What resources are available to custodial parents in Maryland?

Every state handles child support issues in its own way. In Maryland, if a parent is not living up to his or her end of a child support order, there are different enforcement options at one's disposal. Some of these include: Intercepting federal and/or state income tax refunds, wage garnishment, driver's license suspension, credit reporting, and administrative liens

There are other enforcement options for those who need medical support or to gain access to funds earned from unemployment or worker's compensation. Any of the above listed measures may be pursued if a payer is not up to date on his or her payments. Some, though, do have certain stipulations as to the number of days a non-custodial parent must be late in payments before that enforcement option may be utilized.

While changes in circumstances may give a non-custodial parent a valid reason for being unable to meet his or her financial obligation to his or her child, this is when a modification of a child support order may be obtained. Choosing to stop paying child support instead only hurts the payer, the payee and the child. Those in Maryland who require help in enforcing a child support order can seek legal assistance to get the ball rolling, so to speak. If a possible modification is in order, an attorney can help start that process as well.

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