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July 2015 Archives

Enforcing child support orders can be done in many ways

Every parent knows that, while having a child can be a wonderful thing, providing for that child can get expensive. Child support is meant to help the parent who holds primary custody financially provide for his or her child's needs. What happens, though, if child support is not being paid? What resources are available to custodial parents in Maryland?

How can I get paternity recognition in Maryland?

Parents will face a number of issues throughout the course of raising their children. It is a difficult job, some would say the toughest, but it can also be one of the most rewarding. Unfortunately, some fathers in Maryland and elsewhere have to deal with the matter of gaining paternity recognition in order to have any sort of relationship with their children.

What are my options for dealing with a mortgage in divorce?

While there are many things that can hold up the finalization of a divorce, money issues are often a main concern. Deciding what to do with a mortgage in the event of divorce is one of the biggest financial hurdles that must be tackled before a final agreement can be reached. For couples in Maryland and elsewhere, deciding what to do with a mortgage can be difficult, but there are actually several options available to help resolve this problem.

Child custody: Help is available for drafting parenting plans

Some parents in Maryland who are going through a divorce appear to be fighting to win the clash for custody of their children. This suggests a prolonged battle, with ownership of the children as reward. Agreements reached, and conditions created by parents during a divorce, may play a significant role in a child's adjustment after a divorce of their parents. This is true regardless of whether the final court order is for sole child custody or shared custody.

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