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Maryland child custody: What are my options?

The topic of child custody is not one that many can easily discuss. Trying to decide what is going to be the best situation for children can put a lot of pressure on parents. Fortunately, for those residing in Maryland, there are a number of child custody options that can help in making such decisions.

One custody arrangement that is becoming more popular is joint custody. This, in and of itself, is actually divided into three categories -- joint legal custody, shared physical custody and a combination of the two. Joint legal custody allows parents to equally share in raising children but typically only allows the children to live full time at one residence. The shared physical option grants equal rights and time to both parents. A combination of the two allows parents the ability to create a legal and physical plan that best fits their family's needs.

Two other forms of custody involve granting both legal and physical custody to one parent. Sole custody, grants all rights to one parent. Split custody, on the other hand, involves dividing the children's time between parents and granting parents the rights to the children placed in their care.

The situation of every family is unique, which is why having only one accepted form of child custody is not realistic. Parents in Maryland do have options that can help them make the best decisions for their families. Legal help is available to assist parents in achieving child custody arrangements that work best for their children and themselves. 

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