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June 2015 Archives

Understanding Maryland family law may benefit step-parents

Maryland readers may be interested to know that 40 percent of all children in the United States have step-parents. While some blended families manage to live harmoniously together, some are faced with many stumbling blocks related to the rights of step-parents. Knowing your rights as a step-parent under Maryland family law may be beneficial.

Maryland child custody: What are my options?

The topic of child custody is not one that many can easily discuss. Trying to decide what is going to be the best situation for children can put a lot of pressure on parents. Fortunately, for those residing in Maryland, there are a number of child custody options that can help in making such decisions.

Are goods as good as money when it comes to child support?

Providing child support is about more than just money; it's also about supporting a child and playing a role in his or her life, even if it is only a financial role. But if a father doesn't have the money to pay support, does that mean he is a "deadbeat?"

Paternity services can benefit both mothers and fathers

There are plenty of unmarried parents across the country, including here in Maryland. Whether by choice or as a surprise, pregnancy happens. The marital status of parents should not determine what type of relationship and what level of responsibility each parent can have in the life of his or her child. In order to pursue certain rights, seek support or even contest parental claims, proof of paternity is required before any further legal actions can be taken.

How is marital property affected by prenuptial agreements?

A couple might want to avoid financial ambiguities by agreeing on certain terms before their marriage. Contract law can provide a solution. In Maryland, state law allows couples to enter into a special contract called a prenuptial agreement before their marriage. If the couple later divorces, such an agreement may help simplify the process, especially regarding matters of property division.

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