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April 2015 Archives

What Are My Options If the Judge Denies My Claim After a Hearing?

Your Rockville Social Security disability attorney will keep you aware of each step in the process. If you have been denied benefits at your Social Security disability hearing, your attorney will explain that you have two options going forward. First, you can appeal the judge's decision. Second, you can apply for benefits through a new application.

Bromberg Rosenthal

People often have an incorrect concept of Social Security benefits and equate them with retirement. Instead, these benefits offer protection for someone who is injured or disabled and has not worked or will not be able to work for more than one year. Bromberg Rosenthal, your Rockville Social Security disability lawyer, provides clients in Washington, D.C., Maryland with experienced help in their disability matters.

Testifying About Emotional Problems at Your Disability Hearing

When you testify in front of a judge at a Social Security disability hearing, you must be willing to talk about the emotional impact of your medical condition. Often, the emotional impact of your disability is the thing that interferes with your ability to work the most. You must make that clear to the judge. Speak with your Rockville Social Security disability lawyer for more information.

Medical Treatment: a Critical Component to a Successful Social Security Disability Claim

Many disability claimants make the mistake of failing to get proper medical treatment for their disability. Sometimes claimants think that by not obtaining medical care, their disability will be more pronounced and they will be more likely to be approved. This is wrong and also dangerous thinking. Make sure you get proper medical care when applying for disability and even if you are not. Consult with a Rockville Social Security disability attorney for more information.

Reasons Why Your Claim For Social Security Disability Benefits Could Be Denied in Error

It is important that your claim for Social Security disability benefits be completely accurate and thorough. Almost two-thirds of claims are denied at the initial stage, often because of some mistake made in the initial claim. However, if you are denied and continue to appeal, you are far more likely to win. Watch this video to learn more, and speak with your Maryland Social Security attorney for more information.

Testifying About Your Physical Limitations

When testifying at a Social Security disability hearing with the help of your Rockville Social Security disability law firm, you must describe your medical condition and limitations as clearly and concisely as possible. Remember to answer all the judge's questions completely. Use plenty of description to paint a clear picture of how your condition impacts your work day.

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