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November 2014 Archives

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a cooperative?

Business owners in Maryland may benefit from learning more about cooperatives, including their advantages and disadvantages. A cooperative may be described as an organization or enterprise that is owned and operated by members, otherwise known as user-owners, who benefit from using the services. One of the core disadvantages of cooperatives is that their success depends heavily on the participation of its members.

What is an S corp, and what are its advantages?

Entrepreneurs in Maryland may benefit from learning more about S corporations and the advantages or disadvantages they may offer. The S corporation can be described as a corporation that receives a special type of IRS tax election that allows it to avoid double taxation as a domestic corporation and to shareholders. The IRS considers S corporations to be unique entities that are separate from the owners.

Corporations in Maryland

In Maryland, determining if a company should be structured as a corporation depends on its commercial capabilities and goals. It is also important that a business choosing to incorporate is aware of the advantages and disadvantages of what becoming a corporation entails.

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