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July 2014 Archives

Enterprise Zone to expand in Maryland

In Maryland, business owners who operate out of an area that has been deemed an Enterprise Zone have some advantages that business owners in other areas may not be able to get. Specifically, they can get tax credits on both their real estate taxes and their income taxes. The amount of credit that they are awarded does have a lot to do with the businesses themselves, as it relates directly to steps that the owners take to create more jobs or to improve the property.

Are corporations and people the same in Maryland?

A recent ruling by the Supreme Court went in favor of the corporation Hobby Lobby, giving it some rights under the Constitution that would usually be retained for individuals. One of the justices on the Supreme Court said that the reason for this was basically that the corporation's rights needed to reach to the point where the owner's rights were being respected. Therefore, the rights that the owners had in relation to their religious views had to be given to the family-owned business that they started.

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