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PSA announces merger with Armada Employer Services in Maryland

In the business world, acquisitions and mergers can be mutually beneficial for both companies, depending on their respective strengths and weaknesses. Often, a business is acquired to take it out as competition or to add its value to the acquiring company. In the latest Business acquisitions news in Maryland, PSA Insurance & Financial Services recently presented its plans to merge with Armada Employer Services. Both companies are based in Hunt Valley.

The $3 million merger is bringing in Armada Employer Services along with ArmadaAministrators, which is a separate division of Armada. PSA will work with ArmadaAdministrators to provide clients of both companies with access to the administration services provided by Armada.

When you complete a merger, you often have to decide where the new company will be settled. In this case, the staff of Armada Employer Services will be moving into the PSA headquarters. Instead of retaining the name Armada Employer Services, the company will now be known as PSA Employer Services. The company will still be operating as a separate division of the employee benefits department of PSA, however.

This merger seems to have taken place to add quality and services to PSA, which is a good move for the company. Together, the two companies make a larger company with more employees and services to offer, which may help them grow in the future as well as offer additional benefits to customers and clients. Business maneuvers such as these can often end up being very complex legally, however, so it might be wise for both companies to maintain an active legal team that can examine any potential disputes as the merger proceeds.

Source: The Baltimore Sun, "PSA announces $3 million merger with Armada Employer Services" Clolin Campbell, Apr. 16, 2014

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