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Gay man denied job files sexual orientation discrimination suit

Most Maryland residents would be excited to land the job of their dreams. However, what would happen if that offer was rescinded due to their sexual orientation? That excitement would likely turn to devastation. That is the situation that one man is facing after a Catholic girls' school found out he was in a gay marriage just days after accepting a job offer. The man is now filing a sexual orientation discrimination suit.

The 43-year-old Massachusetts man was offered a job as a food services director in July. He was ecstatic to land a job at Fontbonne Academy. His elation was short-lived after the head of the school learned that the man's application showed his husband as the emergency contact. She quickly rescinded offer, with her excuse that gay marriage is not recognized in the Catholic faith.

This lawsuit comes at a time where gay marriage is becoming more widely accepted. Gay marriage is legal in Massachusetts, where the man lives. However, religious schools are forced to draw a line between discrimination and conforming to their religion. In fact, many school employees have been terminated from their positions after marrying their partners.

Many religious school employees are forced to sign contracts stating that they will live their lives in accordance with the school's rules. The man in this case said there was no such contract involved.

If you believe you have been discriminating against because of your sexual orientation, you may have an employment discrimination claim. This may not just include being hired for a position, but being passed over for raises or promotions or even being terminated.

Source: The Boston Globe, "Gay married man says Catholic school rescinded job offer" Milton J. Valencia, Jan. 30, 2014

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