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Lawsuit accuses Maryland mayor of verbal abuse, discrimination

In a recent lawsuit, a former official with the Maryland town of Salisbury accuses her former manager, Salisbury's mayor, of openly berating and mocking her before terminating her employment. The suit contends that the mayor would routinely throw tantrums, yell and become violently angry during meetings and other interactions with local officials.

Litigation centered around discrimination, breach-of-contract claims, wrongful termination and other employment-related issues can be complicated, especially when both public and private entities are involved. This makes it crucial for anyone facing such a lawsuit to seek qualified legal assistance to ensure their interests are represented through the entire litigation process.

The plaintiff claims that she filed an application aimed in the hope of advancing to a higher career track. If successful, the woman would have risen to City Administrator, Salisbury's highest ranking unelected position. The lawsuit asserts that the mayor purposefully removed her application. The plaintiff contends that the mayor forced all other government workers to leave the room and then proceeded to verbally assault her.

The plaintiff alleges that the mayor blocked her from exiting the room by standing in front of it. The mayor then reportedly kicked and damaged a wooden doorstop; the plaintiff explained that she interpreted this behavior as a warning and implication that he could become violent toward her as well. Several days later, the defendant reportedly terminated the woman's employment in front of a number of city employees.

The lawsuit names the town of Salisbury and the mayor in both his personal and official capacities as defendants. The lawsuit also accuses the mayor of general discrimination and regularly using derogatory terms to refer to female officials. The mayor declined requests for detailed comments, telling reporters that Maryland state law prohibits him from discussing prospective litigation between current and former city workers.

The mayor also effectively accused the plaintiff of extortion, asserting that she began asking for increasingly large sums of settlement money. One representative for the county noted that she does not currently dispute any claims detailed within the lawsuit.

Source:, "Ireton over the line?: Former top city official seeks $750K in lawsuit" Jeremy Cox, Oct. 24, 2013

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