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Maryland school discrimination suit to go forward

A Bethesda area preparatory school will face litigation over claims that it discriminated against a former executive following a ruling by a circuit court judge in Maryland. Both the defendant and plaintiff filed respective motions for summary judgment, but the judge denied both requests and opted for a trial. The plaintiff's lawsuit seeks approximately $2 million in damages. Representatives for the school, which enrolls boys in grades 3 through 12, declined to comment on the pending employment discrimination case.

The lawsuit accuses the school's headmaster of routinely ignoring complaints that school officials were harassing and mistreating employees of Hispanic heritage, as well as at least one black worker. The plaintiff allegedly brought the complaints to the headmaster on the behalf of his assistant, who claimed to have suffered abuse from supervisors and reported similar discrimination against coworkers.

The claim goes on to assert the school wrongfully fired the plaintiff for his complaint, as well as probes he launched into the headmaster's salary. He alleged the salary was inflated compared to officials of similar standing at other preparatory schools. Soon after, school officials filed a claim accused the former executive of illegally coercing the school into joining a self-funded health insurance plan and violating terms of his employment contract.

Following the school's counterclaim, the plaintiff modified his original lawsuit, contending the school had filed its claim as a means of continuing to retaliate against him.

School representatives denied the accusations detailed in the initial lawsuit, arguing school policies "ensure that reports of improper behavior are considered promptly and fully" and that officials address such complaints responsibly and appropriately. The school also stresses its commitment to treating its students, faculty and staff fairly "without regard to race, ethnicity or gender."

If your business has been subjected to claims of employee discrimination or other similar allegations, it is important that you retain the services of an experienced Maryland attorney. These are serious claims and you need a skilled, knowledgeable attorney to protect your company's interests.

Source:, "Judge says lawsuit in Bethesda prep school discrimination case can proceed" St. John Barned-Smith, Jul. 16, 2013

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