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May 2013 Archives

Two small business say FDA stole patented technology

Two companies have alleged the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) stole five risk management products and put them on the FDA website. According to Projectioneering LLC and FoodQuestTQ, LLC, the FDA is offering the five computer automated products at no charge on their website even though the products are patent-protected.

Maryland youth a finalist in entrepreneurship contest

An 11-year-old Maryland girl could earn $5,000 in seed funding for her business idea, which would use the proceeds from selling cupcakes to help raise money for literacy, art, music and other educational programs. The girl was recently named as a finalist in the Learn and Earn, Grow Your Own Business Challenge, an entrepreneurship competition organized by Warren Buffet's Secret Millionaires Club. She also received organizational advice from local experts.

Court orders arbitration in Maryland wage claim dispute

A U.S. appeals court decided that an airport shuttle operator who accused his employer of misclassifying him as an independent contractor, and thus failed to properly pay him, must pursue his claims via arbitration. The man sued the company under the Fair Labor Standards Act and the Maryland Wage and Hour Law, also filing wage and hour" claims on the behalf of other drivers he claimed were incorrectly classified. A Maryland district court previously ruled that a class action waiver and other stipulations in the shuttle company's franchise agreement protect the man from being ordered to arbitrate, but the Appeals court overruled that decision, citing a Supreme Court case in which the highest court found that class action waivers do not necessarily prohibit arbitration agreements from being enforced.

Maryland real estate brokerage faces $11M lawsuit

Two Maryland companies are accused of breaking federal laws by wrongfully exchanging kickbacks for over a decade in a recent lawsuit. The couple that filed the claim contends that Lakeview Title and its part owner gave over $500,000 in illegal kickbacks to Long and Foster Real Estate's Creig Northrop Team in exchange for referring buyers to the title company for its settlement services. Both companies have denied the accusations detailed in the lawsuit and plan on preventing the impending real estate litigation from going to trial..

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