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April 2013 Archives

Exelon meets merger agreement's donation requirement

Exelon Corp. has donated over $300,000 to Maryland responders and provided a number of free and discounted services for homeowners this year, successfully complying with the terms of its 2012 acquisition agreement with the Maryland-based Constellation Energy Group. According to an official with United Way of Central Maryland, Exelon has been faithful and exceptional in fulfilling its volunteer commitments.

Retailers in court over Martha Stewart products

Macy's and J.C. Penney failed to agree to a settlement after a month of mediation, leaving the retailers to return to court regarding a dispute over the distribution of Martha Stewart home goods products. The two companies, which do business in Maryland, initially went to court in 2012 but were ordered into mediation during a recess.

EEOC sues Toys "R" Us for discrimination in Maryland

Toy retailer Toys "R" Us has been accused of discriminating against a deaf job applicant at one of its Maryland stores. The United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed a disability discrimination lawsuit in a Baltimore court on the woman's behalf, arguing that the company failed to provide a sign-language interpreter for her when she applied to work at a Maryland store in 2011. The lawsuit claims that this constitutes a violation of the American with Disabilities Act, which requires employees to accommodate disabled applicants and employees.

Maryland lawmakers consider bill protecting pregnant workers

The Maryland General Assembly has nearly passed a law that would increase workplace protection for pregnant women, legislation that was partially sparked by the case of a Landover woman who claims her employer discriminated against her based on her pregnancy. The House of Delegates recently approved the bill, sending it to await the response of the Senate.

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