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December 2012 Archives

Nestle targeted by lawsuit over water sourcing

Although bottled water giant Nestle's website says its Ice Mountain water is sourced from springs in Maryland and other states, the company has been accused of failing to disclose where some of its water comes from. One company recently filed a consumer lawsuit in federal court, alleging that it paid to have Ice Mountain water delivered to its office in the belief that it comes from spring water. However, the company claims it later learned that the bottles it received were filled with filtered municipal tap water. This is not the first time Nestle has faced civil litigation over its labeling practices.

Smaller Maryland banks pressured to seek mergers

While high shareholder returns and profits have long allowed Maryland's small banks to remain independent, many such banks say they are now being forced to consider mergers and acquisitions with larger banks. Some Maryland banks that perhaps never considered merging with a competitor are now thinking about doing so in order to remain profitable.

Maryland group to convert former warehouse into apartments

A Maryland based real estate investment group hopes to offer 171 new apartments to Baltimore residents by the spring of 2014, when it expects to complete renovations on a warehouse formerly used by department store chain Hochschild, Kohn and Co.

Maryland town hopes to dodge wrongful termination lawsuit

Officials with the town of Berlin, Maryland, are requesting that a wrongful termination lawsuit filed by a former EMS supervisor be dismissed, arguing that the plaintiff's claims that the town did not have the authority to fire him are invalid. The motion comes several days after the town voted to suspend financial aid payments to its fire department, a decision motivated by issues related to the wrongful termination claim.

Clear language in business contracts can avoid litigation

This time of year many consumers are looking for a new vehicle. Perhaps they are looking for a replacement car or even a holiday gift for the new driver in the family. Automotive businesses are also reaping the benefits of the holiday gift giving and are busy selling new or used vehicles to buyers. For those Rockville residents who purchase (or have purchased) a used vehicle, they may know about the various add-on warranties that are available that cover motorists in case of a vehicle repair or breakdown.

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