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November 2012 Archives

Lean planning tips for small businesses and start-ups

The pressure to innovate and grow at a regular pace presents a major challenge for many small business owners and entrepreneurs, especially when coupled with a still-faltering economy. Consistent growth is a critical factor for a Maryland small business's success, but ensuring that this occurs while keeping a fledgling company afloat and encouraging innovation can be difficult without spending inordinate amounts of time on planning and then changing plans when something unexpected occurs.

Rite Aid to pay $250,000 in discrimination lawsuit settlement

Pharmacy company Rite Aid will pay $250,000 to settle a discrimination lawsuit filed by the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on behalf of one of the company's former employee. Filed in 2008 in Maryland, the lawsuit alleges that the worker was fired in retaliation to a 2006 claim he filed with the EEOC, which claimed the company denied him promotions due to his epilepsy.

Comcast asks for class action limits

U.S. telecommunications giant Comcast requested increased limits on class action lawsuits following a 2011 claim against Wal-Mart which was denied class action status. Comcast, which serves consumers in Maryland and many other states, currently faces an $875 million antitrust lawsuit filed by 2 million customers. The company argues that a judge wrongfully granted the case class action status, after which a federal appeals course allowed it to continue.

Maryland real estate market suffering due to budget threats

A number of groups are reporting that uncertainty about the federal budget has caused significant problems for Commercial real estate markets in Central Maryland and the greater Baltimore area. A large proportion of office tenants in the region are federal agencies or contractors, many of whom have held off on leasing new space in 2012's third quarter fear of potential spending cuts.

Maryland farmer claims lawsuit made him paranoid

A Maryland poultry farmer at the center of a 2010 lawsuit said the case has caused undue stress for his family and left him with severe paranoia. "It's been extremely hard on me and my wife, but it's been even harder on my children," he explained, noting that the effects of the business litigation has necessitated counseling for his 8-year-old daughter and made his 6-year-old son concerned about losing the family home.

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