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October 2012 Archives

Invest Maryland Challenge attracts 37 competitors

A competition aimed at supporting the growth of start-up companies in Maryland will see at least 37 businesses competing for prizes totaling $300,000 in services and grants. The Invest Maryland Challenge will hold competitions in the categories of life sciences, computer hardware and software and general. The life science and computer competitions are only accepting Maryland companies as competitors, while the general category is open to businesses from any state, regardless of industry.

Benefits and drawbacks of forming an S corporation

Those planning on establishing a business in Maryland often face a dizzying array of choices to make. One possible option for such individuals is to incorporate their company as an S corporation. This infers a number of advantages and disadvantages, making it important for those considering this path to learn more about how it might affect them. While this information is intended to help future business owners educate themselves on the details of forming an S corporation, it should not be considered as replacement for the expert advice of a qualified legal professional.

Maryland education board upholds teacher's termination

The Maryland State Board of Education has upheld the 2011 termination of a teacher by a county school board. The board initially fired the popular teacher for repeated misconduct and insubordination after he reportedly failed to stop inappropriately interacting with students. The teacher argued that this constituted wrongful termination, characterizing himself as "the innocent victim of a witch hunt." The MSBE ultimately dismissed the teacher's claims and supported his termination after "a careful fair review of the facts." According to the MSBE's findings, the teacher received at least seven written warnings for "inappropriate" conduct with students and was transferred to different schools several times during a 17 year period. Administrators contend that the teacher repeatedly ignored these warnings, accusing him of inappropriate touching and massaging male students, asking them to remove their shirts and to sit on his lap and meeting with them privately in violation of school regulations.

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