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August 2012 Archives

Dunkin' Donuts accused of employment discrimination

An African American couple has joined a lawsuit targeting Dunkin' Donuts for employment discrimination, accusing the company of lying to them and encouraging them to establish a franchise in a minority area rather than a more lucrative region. The couple claims the company provided them with fraudulent revenue projections and reports that wrongly claimed there were no available locations in a profitable area, steering them toward an economically undesirable area in Maryland known for housing a high number of minorities.

Former lifeguard wins $3.5M in sexual harassment suit

A federal jury has awarded a sum of $3.5 million to a former lifeguard who claims she was the target of repeated sexual harassment from a supervisor. She claims she then suffered retaliatory termination after reporting the misconduct. After awarding the damages for pain and suffering, the jury said it was "embarrassed" by how the case was treated by the woman's supervisors, admonishing them for ignoring the issue and failing to take appropriate action on her complaints.

Designating a registered agent

One of the most important steps in establishing a small business is typically the formation of a limited liability company, or LLC. This provides a number of benefits; LLCs protect their owners from debts incurred by the company, help build credibility and provide tax benefits. In order to create an LLC in Maryland, you must name a registered agent. A registered agent is responsible for collecting and maintaining important tax and legal papers on behalf of your business, including documents sent by the state of Maryland and lawsuit notifications.

Maryland developer looking for financing

A Maryland development team has announced plans to build a 92-unit apartment complex in downtown Baltimore, saying it hopes to have the project underway within a year. The team is seeking real estate financing for the project, which it estimates will cost approximately $20 million. They hope to redevelop five exiting properties to build the planned apartment tower, but have not yet received development rights.

Maryland practice to pay $350,000 in lawsuit

The United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has won a lawsuit on the behalf of three former medical workers who accused two of their supervisors of sexual harassment. The workers were awarded damages totaling $350,000, to be paid by the Maryland medical practice that employed the women. Each worker will receive $110,000 in punitive damages, with an additional $14,000 in compensatory damages.

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