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June 2012 Archives

Maryland business settles employment discrimination suit

A garden center in Maryland recently settled a lawsuit involving a former employee who accused the company of firing him because of his disability, thus acting in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The garden center will pay the plaintiff a total of $50,000 and take actions to prevent further abuses.

Maryland woman files sexual orientation discrimination claim

A 29-year-old Maryland woman has accused her former employer of firing her on the basis of her sexual orientation, as well as failing to take appropriate measures to prevent abuse from her coworkers. The woman worked at a home for young girls who have suffered abuse and trauma. She also claims the home was hostile environment for several "gender non-conforming girls" staying there.

Maryland school's former CEO files wrongful termination suit

The former chief operation officer and chief financial officer of a Maryland based independent boys' school has accused the school of illegally firing him after he complained about alleged racial discrimination. The wrongful termination lawsuit claims that the school's headmaster released him after he voiced his concerns about two supervisors who reportedly discriminated against Hispanic employees. The plaintiff seeks $2 million in damages.

Maryland accounting firm to merge with other top agency

Maryland based accounting firm Reznick Group has announced plans to merge with J.H. Cohn, an out-of state firm that ranks among the best in its region. The combined company, whose headquarters will be located outside of Maryland, is slated to become the nation's 11th largest accounting firm if the deal is successful.

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