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May 2012 Archives

Constellation and Exelon donate to Maryland science center

Approximately two months after their successful merger, Constellation Energy and Exelon Corp. have donated about $1.8 million to the Maryland Science Center, with the money intended to fund a new energy exhibit aimed at instructing visitors on the various details of energy production, distribution and consumption.

Banks worried by Maryland credit union mergers

According to an article published in the Washington Business Journal, banks are becoming increasingly concerned about the size and power of credit unions, especially after they consolidate. The recent merger between two of Maryland's largest credit unions, SECU Credit Union and MECU, together estimated to be worth about $3.5 billion, is just one example of the growing trends of credit union foreclosures that have allowed that institutions to compete with traditionally dominate banks.

Maryland pharmaceutical firm to merge with Australian company

Maryland company Nabi Biopharmaceuticals recently announced that it will merge with an Australian company known as Biota Holdings Limited. The merger will result in a combined company called Biota Pharmaceuticals. The company's executives hope the move will allow the new company to easily reach "a stronger U.S. Biotechnology shareholder base." The company says the move will also help it gain better liquidity and value recognition.

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