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February 2012 Archives

Maryland office calls for more concessions in Constellation merger

A proposed merger between the Maryland-based Constellation Energy Group and Exelon Corporation may face more hurdles following a brief filed by the Maryland Office of People's Counsel. The office, responsible for serving as a consumer advocate on utility for the state of Maryland, raised concerns that the companies have failed to show that their proposed deal would not harm Maryland residents, especially customers of Baltimore Gas and Electric, which is owned by Constellation.

Maryland anti-discrimination measure stalled

A bill aimed at protecting Maryland residents from discrimination based on their gender identity has become stuck in the state's General Assembly. Voting on the bill has yet to be allowed by the Senate President, but supporters of the initiative are lobbying the legislator to open the bill for consideration in Maryland's coming legislative session.

Common employment law problems to avoid

Employment litigation is a frustrating reality for many Rockville companies. Although advances in human resources techniques have allowed many companies to avoid many of the most common types of employment litigation problems, there are many common employment lawsuits which keep getting filed because of poor HR training.

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