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December 2011 Archives

Blockbuster reaches settlement in Maryland sexual harassment suit

Video rental giant, Blockbuster, has agreed to settle with employees that claimed they were sexually harassed while working at a Maryland distribution center. The victims, several temporary female workers, say they were subjected to sexual harassment and inappropriate advances and allege that supervisors retaliated against them for rejecting the advances and reporting the misconduct. Blockbuster will pay over $2 million to settle the case.

Maryland governor speaks out against Constellation merger

In a letter to reporters, the governor of Maryland said he cannot accept a proposed merger between Maryland energy firm Constellation and Illinois-based Exelon given its current terms. Gov. Martin O'Malley wrote that Exelon has not provided sufficient evidence that the $7.9 billion merger would protect Constellation's energy customers, avoid causing harm to the state and benefit public interest. Under Maryland law, all three qualifications must be met before the deal can continue. He explained that while executives at Constellation could earn millions of dollars from the merger, the deal would move control of the business outside of Maryland, costing the state about 600 jobs.

Maryland company plans layoffs following merger

In preparation for a proposed merger with Exelon Corp., Maryland company Constellation Energy Group has slowed its hiring rate and announced a plan to cut several hundred jobs. However, the company told its current employees that hiring is expected to increase in speed after the new year.

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