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Wish you had a prenup? Consider a postnuptial agreement

When you’re young and in love, it’s easy to ignore the potential for problems down the road. Couples are so eager to start their life together that many forego the option to create a prenuptial agreement together.

Months or even years later, you might know more about the benefits of having a prenuptial agreement. If you wish that you and your spouse made an agreement, it’s not too late. At any point in your marriage, you can create a postnuptial agreement instead, which is nearly identical to a prenup.

Former Fidelity employee attempts to win over old clients

As a business leader, you might hope that you can trust your employees to respect the company both during and after their period of service. Employees have access to the secrets and resources of the business, after all.

Fidelity Brokerage Services has found itself in a difficult situation with a former broker. Although the broker left the company last December, he did not leave everything behind. Namely, Fidelity alleges that the broker contacted several of his previous clients, persuading them to switch from Fidelity to his new employer, Merril Lynch.

What happens to your marital property in Maryland?

One of the main concerns of many couples getting a divorce is money. Worry can fuel this concern; nobody wants to receive the short end of the stick and watch their ex live quite comfortably. You might worry about who keeps the house and how to divide your joint bank account.

Maryland addresses these concerns with an equitable divorce law. While some states decide to split the value of all marital property down the middle, Maryland courts must divide assets according to what will be fair. In many cases, this could be an even split for each spouse, but the courts can also award more assets to one spouse than the other when it would be fair.

The 3 qualities of a good business partner

A good partner can help carry your business into the future. They will bear some of the burden and risk while sharing the fruits of labor. Although a good partner can be a monumental asset, a bad partner can easily expose you and your company to legal complications.

Business owners must choose their partner carefully. Partnerships require trust, so you will want to find someone who you can depend on. We recommend considering three qualities that often define a strong business partner.

Is your midlife crisis actually about your marriage?

Upon reaching your 40s or 50s, you might begin to feel like you’re waking up from a dream. Suddenly, you realize that time flew past you so quickly that you barely recognize your life. It’s as if the 20-year-old version of you hopped into a time machine – and what you saw was disappointing.

This common experience has a name: the midlife crisis. If you are feeling a strange emptiness, ambivalence or even anger, you are not alone. However, it might not simply be a result of age. Instead, it could have something to do with your marriage.

Meeting minutes are an essential business protection

If you aren’t already keeping track of what happens in every meeting, you could be leaving your business exposed. Minutes can help you, your employees and your stakeholders understand how important decisions contribute to the overall goals of your company.

Not only is note-taking good for efficiency, but it is a valuable legal protection as well. Should a dispute arise in the future, both parties can review the minutes to reach an answer quickly.

3 tips for telling your children about the divorce

For parents, it’s possible that the hardest part of your divorce is figuring out how to help your children. These complicated adult matters are hard for children to understand, so the first step of explaining divorce to them is crucial.

This conversation could affect how they view relationships and perceive their own role in the family. To facilitate a healthy discussion, you can try the following guidelines as well as seek advice from your attorney about how you can better help your children.

How to investigate harassment claims internally

There are few times when your business will face a major crisis. The way your business responds can greatly impact your reputation with your employees and the public. These moments may present you with the most stressful business decisions you will ever have to make. Harassment claims are one of those times.

The way in which you approach the situation will reflect on you as a business owner as well as an employer. When an employee or client alerts you to a possible issue, whether it is verbal, discriminatory, violent or sexual in nature, you have a duty to investigate.

Your divorce attorney may ask for these documents

Don’t be surprised by the amount of paperwork necessary for a successful divorce case. Although gathering documents at the start of the divorce process can seem like a monumental chore, your efforts will pay off when it’s time to divide assets.

In fact, you could even track down this information before your first consultation. While it’s usually not necessary to gather all records before your meeting, these documents will give you and your attorney a better understanding of your financial situation.

How to successfully review a contract

Business owners will likely sign many legally binding contracts over the course of their career. Contracts are often full of legal jargon and overly-complicated phrasing, which might tempt you to sign without analyzing its terms.

However, the contract may contain a clause that can come back to haunt your company. Before you agree to the terms, be aware of what you and the other party must do to fulfill your promises. There are a couple key strategies to reviewing contracts.

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