Rockville Real Estate Litigators

The litigation attorneys of Bromberg Rosenthal LLC represent clients in real estate litigation of all kinds, from breach of contract claims related to residential purchase agreements to complex disputes involving title, fraud or warranty issues in multimillion-dollar commercial transactions. Contact us in Rockville, Maryland, to learn how our experience can benefit you or your company.

Experience With Alternative Dispute Resolution

Because mandatory mediation clauses are incorporated into the contract documentation of so many real estate transactions, our experience with alternative dispute resolution can help you make the most of your opportunity for early settlement of a real estate dispute. We can assist with ordering your priorities, identifying points of possible compromise or concession, and defining the issues that will be most significant toward a resolution on favorable terms.

Seasoned Trial Lawyers for Real Estate Disputes

If a satisfactory outcome cannot be achieved through negotiation or mediation, our skill in court can protect your interests on a wide range of real estate litigation issues:

  • Specific performance of a commercial or residential purchase agreements
  • Contract claims or counterclaims concerning a buyer's default under a purchase agreement
  • Commercial lease disputes involving renewal, extension or option terms
  • Disputes over permitted uses under a commercial lease
  • Fraud claims concerning misrepresentations or nondisclosures in commercial or residential transactions
  • Construction defect or warranty disputes
  • Claims involving boundaries, easements or right of way
  • Commercial financing disputes related to mortgages or loan commitments
  • Real estate claims or counterclaims related to business acquisitions or sales

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For additional information about our ability to protect your interests in a commercial or residential dispute, contact the real estate litigators at Bromberg Rosenthal LLC. Call us today at 301-251-6200.