Maryland Lawyers for Wrongful Death Claims

At Bromberg Rosenthal LLC, our lawyers understand the full range of personal, financial, emotional and legal problems that result from the loss of a family member through another's negligence. While most families depend primarily on our lawyers to maximize the financial compensation for a wrongful death claim under Maryland or District of Columbia law, our clients also rely on us as a resource for the different needs your family will experience in the aftermath of a fatal accident.

Contact our office in Rockville to find out how our experience, sensitivity and commitment can help you through a family tragedy. As seasoned trial lawyers, we know how to develop the evidence of liability and damages necessary to hold a negligent individual or corporation responsible under the wrongful death statutes in each of the jurisdictions we serve.

A Full-Service Firm, Helping You Cope With Your Tragedy

While we are working to develop and present your claim for damages, our Rockville wrongful death attorneys are also available to help you with the practical and bureaucratic problems that can come up after a fatal accident. We assist with life insurance claims, beneficiary designations, survivors' benefits, and probate or intestacy proceedings. At the same time, we keep our main focus on maximizing the value of your injury claim related to the car accident, truck accident, workplace disaster or lapse of professional care that cost the life of a member of your family.

Consult Our Experienced Attorneys About Your Accidental Death Claim

If you've lost a loved one, and would like more information about our approach to wrongful death litigation, contact the law firm of Bromberg Rosenthal LLC for a free consultation. Or call 301-251-6200 to discuss your legal options.