Rockville Business Acquisitions Lawyers

Bromberg Rosenthal LLC advises buyers and sellers in transactions for the purchase or sale of businesses in Maryland and the District of Columbia. To learn how our experience and attention to detail can protect your interests on either side of the sale, contact our attorneys in Rockville.

Sound Advice for Sellers

On the seller's side, our lawyers work closely with our clients in order to help you define your interests and priorities in structuring and executing the deal. We find that realizing the highest available price for a going concern is seldom the only consideration at play in the decision to sell a business.

We advise clients about their options on other important matters related to continuing executive or consulting relationships, reserving competition rights, investing the sales proceeds, revising an estate plan, or dealing with contingent or unliquidated liability on adverse claims that might exist at the time of the transfer. Even structural considerations, such as those guiding the choice between a stock sale or an asset sale, can have a significant impact on the value of the transaction to you.

For most clients, our primary attention will focus on two issues: securing your practical ability to collect the sales price and meeting your obligations to accurately disclose the state of the business in order to avoid any future liability to your buyer.

Experienced Legal Counsel for Purchasers

For business purchasers, the primary objective is to make sure that the value you think you're getting is actually there. With 30 years of business law experience, we know how to analyze the seller's financial reports and other disclosures, and we ask the follow-up questions that can disclose hidden risks and potential liabilities. If further information indicates the need to revisit price or other sales terms, our skill as negotiators can save the deal on terms that will protect its value for you.

Protecting Your Interests

Whether we're representing the seller or the buyer, Bromberg Rosenthal LLC works to protect our client's interests on terms that can allow the deal to go forward as long as the transaction makes good business sense. We also look ahead to protect our client's interests in the event of default, material nondisclosure or future circumstances that can affect the fundamental integrity of the sale from either party's perspective.

Selling or Buying a Business? Talk to Us First.

Our experience with the negotiation, documentation and closing of business purchase or sale transactions makes Bromberg Rosenthal LLC an excellent choice. To arrange a consultation, email us or call 301-251-6200.