Rockville Business Litigators

The civil litigation attorneys at Bromberg Rosenthal LLC advise business clients about the most effective ways of presenting or answering disputed claims of all kinds: contract, tort and corporate. Our objective is not merely to win our client's case — it's to achieve a favorable result as quickly as possible, as inexpensively as possible, and with the minimum possible disruption to daily business operations. Contact us in Rockville, Maryland, for more information about our business litigation experience.

Our Approach to Business Disputes

Our problem-solver's approach to commercial and corporate litigation can help a company in many ways. Our analysis of the claims, potential counterclaims and insurance coverage issues can give you a good idea of what you stand to gain and your legal risks with respect to your choices between settlement or trial. With substantial experience in alternative dispute resolution (ADR), our lawyers can also advise you about the pros and cons of mediation or arbitration in your situation.

Cases We Handle

No matter which litigation strategy turns out to work best for your situation, you can depend on Bromberg Rosenthal LLC to keep you fully informed and engaged through every stage of the dispute resolution process. Examples of the kinds of cases our lawyers handle include:

  • Commercial disputes involving customers, vendors or lenders
  • Corporate, partnership or ownership disputes within equity groups
  • Banking, mortgage or lender liability claims
  • Trade secrets, noncompetition or nonsolicitation claims
  • Breach of contract claims
  • Business torts such as fraud, material misrepresentation or commercial defamation
  • Employment litigation
  • Insurance coverage disputes
  • Real estate contract, warranty, title or tort claims
  • Construction contract, warranty or defect litigation

Business Litigation Can Be Complex — Choose Experienced Trial Counsel

It is not unusual for the roles of plaintiff and defendant to blur or reverse in complex commercial or corporate litigation. What started out as a simple contract action can quickly grow complicated through the addition of counterclaims or third-party claims on contract or tort counts. At Bromberg Rosenthal LLC, we can manage even highly complicated multiparty litigation on terms that will keep your big-picture objectives in plain view at all times.

For more information about our trial and ADR experience, call Bromberg Rosenthal LLC at 301-251-6200 to discuss your case. You may also email our experienced business litigation attorneys.