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How to act once a divorce is realized

Every divorce is going to be a little different. The personalities of the spouses will vary from case to case. The specifics of each divorce will vary. The assets on the line; the children that may or may not be involved; the type of divorce that the spouses seek, even. All of these things play major roles in a divorce. But there are are some constants that run across every divorce, and these tips should be heeded no matter the situation.

The role of separation in family law

Divorce is a huge step in anyone's life. The spouses that decide it is time to legally end their marriage need to fully consider the gravity of their decision before making it. Once they are comfortable with their position and they understand the next steps, filing for divorce can be a little easier.

Recordkeeping, alimony and you

While many people call it spousal support, some are more familiar with the term "alimony." Either way, this is a form of financial compensation paid by one spouse to another spouse to ensure that the effects of divorce don't dramatically affect one spouse over another (in a financial sense). Alimony is a more negotiable element in a divorce than child custody. But once it is awarded, the people involved need t be prepared to keep track of their alimony.

On financial support and modifying divorce arrangements

Divorce is a life-changing legal event, and it is also an extremely stressful time for the spouses who are calling it quits. In the weeks and months that pass by during a divorce, there will be plenty of anxious moments and important discussions that have to happen. When it is all over, the participants may take that literally. "It's all over," they think. "I'll never have to deal with this again."

When a divorce happens, what should you do?

The question in our title may seem like a straightforward or even rhetorical one, but it isn't. Once a couple decides to divorce, there are some critical legal steps each spouse needs to take to complete the process. In addition, there are personal and behavioral steps that each spouse can take to improve their standing during the divorce process.

How does property division work in Maryland?

There are two schools of thought when it comes to property division. The two legal ideas are called "equitable division" and "community property." Community property is only used in a handful of states, most of which are on the west coast or in the southwestern United States. Community property means that each spouse gets a 50 percent stake in assets and property that are deemed "marital property." There are exemptions to this, but in general, that's the rule.

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