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How do breach of contract lawsuits get resolved?

Most companies are going to, at some point in their existence, rely on other companies to push their company further towards success. When two or more companies come together to form an agreement, they will do so under legal circumstances. They will form a contract, and then the parties involved in that contract will be obligated to fulfill their responsibilities going forward.

In a perfect world, that would be the end of it. The companies would do their jobs and nothing would go wrong. But we don't live in a perfect world. Sometimes, the companies that enter into contracts break their obligations -- may it be due to circumstances outside of their control or willingly.

Selecting a business type, and why it's important

One of the most important decisions you will make as an entrepreneurs and a soon-to-be business owner is not what your product or service is. Nor will it be your company name or your social media footprint. In fact, your most important decision won't even be who you hire as your first employee. Instead, one of the most important decisions you will ever make will seem like a relatively simple one: what is your business structure?

In other words, what type of business are you? And we don't mean "type" as in being a service company, or a retail company, or a business in the fishing industry or tech industry or any industry. By "type" we mean a partnership, or a corporation, or a non-profit.

From guardianships to divorce, legal help is crucial

Family law is a broad legal umbrella that encompasses many different topics and issues. Sure, divorce is at the forefront of these issues. But there are also many other matters that can be addressed under family law.

For example, if you are a grandparent and you want to assert your legal right to see your grandchild, then you would want a family law attorney to help you with such a case. Similarly, if you are trying to establish guardianship of a child or grandchild, then you would want an experienced family law attorney by your side. There are also domestic disputes that necessitate legal action.

The role of separation in family law

Divorce is a huge step in anyone's life. The spouses that decide it is time to legally end their marriage need to fully consider the gravity of their decision before making it. Once they are comfortable with their position and they understand the next steps, filing for divorce can be a little easier.

However, that transition from "potentially filing" to "definitely filing" can be a complicated time. How do spouses reach such a difficult decision? One legal tool that can help spouses that are considering divorce is separation.

Non-competes and legal scrutiny

Companies want to protect their interests, and employees want to have assurances of their employment. These area two truths about the world of business. One of the ways that these things are maintained is non-competition agreements, often called NDAs (for "non-disclosure agreement"). A non-competition agreement prevents an employee or prospective employee from passing on critical information or trade secrets to competitors if they were to move on to a different company. It also forces a company to give the employee something in return, which is usually a job.

But non-competition agreements have come under heavy scrutiny recently, and as such it is important for both companies and employees to realize that these contracts need to stay within certainly guidelines in order to be valid.

Protecting your trade secret a vital step

Many companies owe their success to a trade secret or a piece of information that very few people know. Trade secrets are things such as the Colonel's secret spices at KFC or the recipe for Coca-Cola. These are pieces of information that are generally not known -- at least not precisely. And their value is derived from the fact few people know the specific secret.

What many companies may not known, though, is that protecting your trade secret is as important as having the trade secret in the first place. So how does a company goo about protecting their trade secret?

Tips for growing your new business

You've established your new business entity - now what? Like most business owners, your next objective is to do everything you can to help your company thrive.

While expanding your business, it is vital to do so ethically and with legal compliance. This will help your business operate as smoothly and efficiently as possible, and help to avoid potential lawsuits and other legal pitfalls.

Recordkeeping, alimony and you

While many people call it spousal support, some are more familiar with the term "alimony." Either way, this is a form of financial compensation paid by one spouse to another spouse to ensure that the effects of divorce don't dramatically affect one spouse over another (in a financial sense). Alimony is a more negotiable element in a divorce than child custody. But once it is awarded, the people involved need t be prepared to keep track of their alimony.

There are serious tax implications to alimony. The paying spouse can deduct his or her spousal support payments from their taxes, while the spouse that receives the payments must include that money as part of his or her taxable income.

On financial support and modifying divorce arrangements

Divorce is a life-changing legal event, and it is also an extremely stressful time for the spouses who are calling it quits. In the weeks and months that pass by during a divorce, there will be plenty of anxious moments and important discussions that have to happen. When it is all over, the participants may take that literally. "It's all over," they think. "I'll never have to deal with this again."

But divorce has a funny way of popping up again and again throughout life, even when the legal proceedings seem done and dusted. Having a divorce agreement in place may make it seem like the process is complete -- but it is an ongoing matter that you will have to tend to every now and then.

How interstate child custody is handled

Child custody is a topic that could spawn thousands of blog posts. It is a complicated and emotionally-charged matter that is of great concern to any parents who are going through with, or have completed, a divorce. Today, we want to focus on just one of the many possible issues connected to the idea of child custody: and that is interstate child custody.

After a couple completes a divorce, each spouse will move on with their lives. This will often lead to one of the individuals moving to a different city, or even state. When they cross state lines and start living in a different state, some issues can arise if the formerly-married people have a child together. So how does interstate child custody work?

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