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Rockville Property Division Lawyers

Resolving Property Disputes in Maryland Divorce

Divorcing older couples, affluent couples and childless couples often find that property division issues prove most difficult to resolve. If you need advice about the best ways to approach the property division issues that are likely to arise in your case, contact Bromberg Rosenthal LLC in Rockville. Our attorneys combine a thorough understanding of family law with decades of business and estate planning experience. This background helps us with all aspects relating to the identification, characterization, valuation and distribution of marital property.

Montgomery County Marital Property Lawyers

As equitable distribution jurisdictions, both Maryland and Washington, D.C. are more interested in achieving a fair division of property between divorcing spouses than the strictly equal division that often applies under the law of community property states. An accurate valuation of the marital estate is an essential first step in dividing it, but where you go from there depends a great deal on your specific financial circumstances.

Some examples of the kinds of property division problems our attorneys can help resolve:

  • Identification and recovery of marital assets that have been concealed, undisclosed or improperly transferred
  • Characterization problems related to the marital or separate nature of a given asset
  • Asset valuation problems related to property from the marital residence and vehicles to interests in closely held businesses or investment accounts
  • Division of pension benefits and retirement accounts of all kinds
  • Apportionment of marital debts and liabilities
  • Valuation and division of originally separate assets that have lost their separate character during the marriage
  • Marital property interests affected by the terms of a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement

Different people face different property division problems in divorce, from basic asset protection to highly complex characterization and valuation issues. Our attorneys can guide you through the equitable distribution of your marital estate no matter how extensive or complicated it appears to be.

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One distinctive feature of our practice on property division issues is our ability to protect long-range interests while resolving immediate problems. In some situations, we can arrange for a continuing right in a former spouse's pension that many clients are very glad to receive years after the divorce.

To learn how you can benefit from the advice of experienced Rockville property division attorneys, contact Bromberg Rosenthal LLC for additional information.

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